Party time

We can host a jewellery party for up to twelve children where they can make items of jewellery helped by our instructors.  The cost is £10.00 per child and each child is provided with a goody bag and  keeps everything he/she makes.

The party lasts approximately 2 hours

Contact Us for further information or to book a party.



Invite us to your event

We are happy to come along to your organisation, such as Brownies or Guides, and provide you with a jewellery making 'experience' of your very own.  This can help you to work towards your craft badge.

Contact Us with your requirements and for further information.



Customised Parties

Looking for something different to entertain your friends?  Why not talk to us about your needs.  We can offer 'taster sessions', focus on creating a fashionable item or create a festive decoration.  Have you got other ideas?  Well why not Contact Us to talk about it further and see how we can help you by providing something a little bit different.