How do I create a wrapped loop?

Wrapped loop - stage 1

1: Grasp the wire about 2 inches from the end  with chain-nose pliers.  Using your fingers bend the wire against the pliers to an angle of 90 degrees.



Wrapped loop - stage 2



2: With round-nose pliers, grasp the wire right at the bend you just made and pull the wire up and over the top of the pliers.


  Wrapped loop - stage 3


3:  Pull the pliers out and and put the lower jaw back into the loop you just made.




 Wrapped Loop - stage 4


4:  Continue pulling the wire around the bottom jaw of the pliers into a full round loop.





Wrapped Loop - stage 5


5:  With your fingers wrap the wire around the neck of the lower wire two or three times.





Wrapped Loop.  Finished version.


Finished wrapped loop.